About us

          Founded in 1951, with an extended experience in mining and industrial planning, IPROMIN is the company which started the modern mining in Romania. After 65 years, we are acknowledged to be the best mining designers and technical consultants in Romania.
          We provide end to end services for a sustainable development through mining, starting with the exploration phase, until the closure and mine reclamation. IPROMIN Bucharest is a Romanian mining consulting company with over 65 years experience. We are experts in the exploitation and superior capitalization of the mineral resources.
          IPROMIN Bucharest has a team of specialists with significant experience in mining technology, mining processing, hydro-constructions, geological engineering, topography, informatics and mining economy and collaborates with specialists in civil works, roads and industrial platforms. As a result of competition and verification made by the authorized national entities, some of our specialists have been certified as experts in their fields.
         The quality of the services provided by IPROMIN imposed our company as a prestigious one at national level, being recognized and appreciated by national and international organisms:
    - IPROMIN S.A is registered in the Central Consultancy Register-Phare-Tactics under the number ROM - 20317
    - IPROMIN S.A. is member of the International Association of Geological Engineering
    - IPROMIN S.A is a collective member of the Romanian National Committee on Large Dams (affiliated to the International Commission on Large Dams - ICOLD)
    - IPROMIN S.A. is an associate member of National Association of Evaluators from Romania
    - IPROMIN S.A. is the only empowered company in the country to make the expertise of extraction equipment and to release certifications for their operations.
         We elaborated studies and technical projects for almost all large scale mining objectives in Romania, projects from which we remind:
    - Underground mines, open-pits, processing plants and related works for the big scale mining exploitations Rosia Poieni and Moldova Noua, for the Ghelari, Teliuc, Mahmudia etc. 
    - The settling ponds from Certej, Rosia Montana, Tarnita etc.
    - High-voltage electric transmission Turt - Satu Mare, Ghelari - Hunedoara
    - Industrial roads related to the large-scale mining objectives Rosia Poieni, Moldova Noua.
         IPROMIN also elaborated studies and ensured technical assistance for the construction of some large scale industrial objectives from other economy branches such as Metallurgical Plant Zlatna, Chemical Plant Giurgiu, the radioactive waste deposit of R-Plant Feldioara, Danube - Black Sea Channel.
         Because environment protection is the top priority in modern mining, we make sure that all our projects meet the highest environmental standards. We made the projects and assured technical assistance on closure and environmental restoration works for large mining objectives.
         Through foreign trade companies, IPROMIN carried out planning and design work, including geological engineering works specifically for the operation and exploitation in countries such as Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and Ukraine.

Our mission         

Our mission is modern and responsible mining. We are achieving our goal by permanently looking creative solutions for implementing the best techniques regarding the natural resources exploitation and capitalization.

Our vision         

Our vision is sustainable development through modern mining, respecting the environment and local communities.

Our values    

          The client is our focus

Building a solid relationship based on trust with our clients and partners is among our top priorities. From the moment we started working with our clients, they are sure we will respect our engagements and we will deliver the expected results.

          We respect the community and the environment
Our projects are made to respect the local communities and have a positive impact on the environment. It is very important for us to leave for future generation a clean environment, all our projects are respecting the highest environmental standards. We believe in sustainable development through mining.
          We are constantly innovating
Because of our dynamic field, we are constantly challenged to find innovative solutions, so every client we have could benefit from the full potential of his investment.
          We value experience and passion
Romania is a country with a solid mining tradition, that is why our specialists are among the best in Europe. We have specialists with 30 years experience and young professionals, who are constantly learning from the experienced ones. We know that only by melting these two values we will maintain our leading position in mining and industrial design.